How to get out of Web Design/Development NOW!!!!?

Question by greg29: How to get out of Web Design/Development NOW!!!!?
Hello Yahoo
I am in need of some advice on how to change jobs/careers out of web site design/development. I have had various temp contract jobs over the past 3 yrs and I am tired of the job security.
It seems to me that in 2007-08, with all this cheesy myspace, youtube, and user generated content, web design is a very broad term, and amateur designers with no background are using the web for crap, and on the other side their is too many languages to learn, and each back-end web project is various(php or, or joomla, or vb or c# with ruby or j2ee with sharepoint);
And alot of jobs now are very basic, (like sending out a email newsletter ) 20hrs/part time, or designer/SEO, or back end programming on some stupid intranet that gets updated every 6 months, its not even worth being a full-time employee in my opinion.

All in all, I want to know, is this type of work worth a FULL_TIME DAY job, or is it worth part-time, contract, remote projects from home?

I am sick & tired of looking for web development day jobs (and every single one has a different technical skillset; huge headache, some have a small scope (like xhtml/css markup and posting pdfs),& some have a unrealistic scope,like 5 yrs AJAX/ and GIS mapping with SQL server and high end graphics)

And moreover, how can you transfer into another line of work, when all your skills are technical/web-related? I have had a nightmare time trying to go into other fields (like sales, or finance or even customer service??
I am going insane with this, am I the only one???

Need serious professional advice. Any thoughts

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