What Is My Internet Address?

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    Your REAL IP:                 (IP # shown left? It means your Real IP is Exposed by your VPN / Proxy)

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Private Proxy Services that – just WORKS!

If you want to hide your ip or If your using a proxy service, either public proxies or private proxies, you must take care that none of your vitals are being leaked out.

I have found that many proxy services are not actually hiding your vital data and you may think your surfing anonymously but you are not.

If you see any # value in the “Your REAL IP” section above that means the proxy or vpn service is not really doing you a service.
You can change your Proxy IP and then click ‘refresh’ to see what changes occurred in your IP address data. If you do not see any IP address shown in the “Your REAL IP” section, then your protected using the posted IP Address shown.
Some will ask what is my port number? For me I have not really needed to know my computer port number or the browsers port number. What ever the proxy service provides seems to work just fine. They will provide you a proxy Ip and port number example: IP:Port and some that do not bind the proxies to your server Ip will give a user:password value also.

We have used public proxies, Best are always Level1 proxies,Socks, etc, and we have used private dedicated and private shared proxies.
Its always the case you get what you pay for always.

Public proxies, since they are free – work only for a short time. And really you will reach a point of failure where you will just give up on using public proxies. Because the cost in stress and their short lived nature makes them not worth the TIME to go hunting for them – And everyone else is hunting public proxies. Private proxies is the only way to go! Yes they cost money – but maybe not today, but a time will come when you too will be like me and drop the use of public proxies. Private proxies (from good companies) Last a long time and are FAST! Truth! But Private proxy providers to hide your IP are not all the same. Some are really bad. Others very solid, stress free.

If your using private proxies to hide your ip location, so that you have a degree of surfing privacy, then they will last until you stop paying for them. BUT if you attempt to use those private proxies for example, to do spammy stuff – to send out mass email or the like – then those private proxies will get banned very quickly. Its NOT worth doing anything spam-ish, else your proxies will be banned fast and again more stress and downtime.

In the past I have bought so many Public proxy finding hunting software and hide my ip download programs and i buy private proxies too.

If you need semi-private proxies or dedicated private proxies – I will post my link below to the service i am using now. Not only are these (I buy the dedicated proxies) proxies stable they are extremely FAST. I selected USA private proxies, but you can choose USA or Europe private proxies or both with the service below.
Use these private proxies for your SEO programs like Scrapebox, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Auto Content Writer, Spinner Chief, Sick Submitter, and others.

Another service that I find that just works is called HMA Pro. They have a 30 day money-back also. But what is the most impressive is this: Their software will BIND the IP. What that means is if for what ever reason… your local ISP looses connection, or what ever occurs where the IP address is REALLY no longer working and your actual Ip address is exposed, it will not happen with HMA Pro, because with Bind IP function, if you loose IP connection and you hit refresh on the browser – the browser will no longer work UNTIL the IP is restored or changed. Its very impressive.

Right now I am NOT using HMA for the SEO programs listed above because those programs do things in volume and HMA is not (my findings) as fast as private proxies. BUT what HMA is good for are projects that are small in time and scope. OR if your like me and you have TV programs you LOVE to watch but you need to have a USA IP, or a UK Ip address, or an AU ip address, then this service is another way to go because you can buy their year service and save lots of money on the monthly charge. So now when I want to download directly X-Factor UK or a BBC TV program I will use HMA and select the UK proxy location and BAM, I am in the UK with a UK IP – downloading the show directly. Same for Australia – I LOVE their cooking shows, Master Chief AU, change the Ip to AU location, and I can download the TV show as a local viewer Hide My Ip

Check them out here. HMA Pro (Disclosure: this is my affiliate url)

HMA Pro VPN - Hide your IP address - Better Cheaper than buying Private Proxies - Hide My Ip

Link to the Private Proxies below:

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